Carpet Cleaning Companies should Utilize Carbonated Extraction, the Most Advanced and Effective Method of Cleaning Your Carpet.

carpet cleaningYour home is never going to be one hundred percent clean, and this is not your fault.  Even if you are incredibly vigilant about cleaning up every mess, and you manage to maintain a rigorous weekly or daily cleaning regimen, there are some surfaces and materials that are bound to collect some dirt, grime, and mold.  For this reason, it is necessary for some of these materials to be cleaned by professionals, on a regular basis.  Carpeted floors are one obvious example, since it is recommended that you have them cleaned, every year.  While some do not keep up with this, if it has been more than a couple of years, since your carpet’s last cleaning, it is a good idea to schedule one.  Furthermore, it is important to hire a carpet cleaning company, like All-Brite Chem Dry, available at, as they use carbonated extraction, the most advanced and effective means of deep cleaning your carpet.

The biggest alternative to carbonated extraction is steam cleaning, which is far less effective, and it is not good for the environment.  There is a long list of reasons why carbonated extraction is better than steam cleaning.  At the top of it should be the fact that it is legitimately better at eliminating dirt and grime that is situated deep within your carpet, not to mention the fact that it is better at actually killing bacteria and stopping the growth of mold than steam cleaning.  Carbonated extraction is better for the environment, insofar as it does not necessitate rinsing harmful soapy residues into the environment, and it is safer for pets and children because it does not leave these resides behind in your carpet, which steam cleaning can.  If all of this was not enough, there are still other practical ways in which carbonated extraction is clearly superior.  For instance, with steam cleaning, your carpet stays wet for so long, that you must actually spend the night of your carpet cleaning, outside your home.  With carbonated extraction, though, your carpet is somewhat damp, but it is dry enough to walk on, in only a few hours eliminating the need to spend the night in a hotel.  In short, the carpet cleaners you hire should be using the latest carbonated extraction techniques.

All Brite Chem Dry is not only a carpet cleaner, though, as it provides other cleaning services, such stain removal, upholstery cleaning, and rug cleaning.  In fact, for many of these materials, carbonated extraction is still an option.  They have special attachments and devices, so that the carbonated extraction technique can be used on upholstered surfaces, and even area rugs.  Because it uses so much less water and is so gentle, on even very delicate surfaces, carbonated extraction offers alternatives to more invasive cleaning procedures, which often use harsher, more toxic, chemicals.  When it comes to rug cleaning and upholstery cleaning, you do not necessarily need to schedule a yearly cleaning, but it may be a good idea, nonetheless. as both surfaces can get a lot of traffic.

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