You can’t go wrong with a great carpet cleaning service.

There are a lot of things in life that get a bit messy. After all, there are a lot of ways that your home can end up just a mess in a short amount of time, especially if you are a parent http://www.allbritechemdry.comto small children or pets! That’s why it is especially important to work with a carpet cleaner that can keep you needs in mind at all times. After all, if you have a family to consider, you do not want to end up with a home that has been cleaned with harsh chemicals and other toxic substances that not only are bad for the environment, but are also bad for the health of your family. That’s why All-Brite Chem-Dry at is the best carpet cleaning service. There are so many great reasons to use All-Brite Chem-Dry for your carpet cleaning needs, and their powerful and patented carbonation-powered cleaning service is just one of them. In fact, their carbonated cleaning system is not just good because of what it does not contain, but it is also awesome because of how it can keep your carpets cleaner for a lot longer!

So, here’s how the carbonation based cleaning system works: When you use carbonated water to clean, the millions of tiny bubbles in the cleaner work for you. They penetrate all the way to the base of the carpet, meaning that this powerful water gets into places that you otherwise would not be able to reach. It is because of this power that the cleaning system works so well, and so efficiently. By using carbonated water, there is less water involved in the carpet cleaning process in the first place. This makes a world of difference if you are looking for a carpet cleaner that takes environmental impact seriously. After the carbonated water treatment, all of the particles of dust and dirt and grime rise to the surface of the carpet, making it easier for the carpet cleaner team to use hot water to sanitize your carpet and remove the leftover dirt and grime that has now risen to the top of the carpet. There could not be a better method!

Another great thing about using carbonation to clean carpets is that there isn’t any excess moisture used in the cleaning process, whether you are going for upholstery cleaning or carpet cleaning. This is especially important for long term cleanliness. So often carpet cleaners use soapy chemicals to wash carpets and rugs, leaving a messy and soapy residue on the surface of your carpets and upholstery, not matter how dry they have become. This soapy residue becomes an attractant for dirt particles, so you feel like your carpet barely stays clean before it is already looking grimy again. That’s the beauty of a carpet cleaner that does not use soapy chemicals. Instead, you are simply left with a clean, clear and fresh carpet that looks clean for months longer than the traditional cleaning methods do. Don’t waste a minute; visit to find out the best way you can clean your carpets!