5 Reasons Why You Need to Hire Carpet Cleaning

1.) Family owned and operated

Over the last 30 years, the Sweets family has gained a reputation for their dedication to quality and customer service. They provide professional carpet cleaning and upholstery services in the greater Portland area and other surrounding cities. They are your local neighborhood solution to help with those messy cleaning jobs that are just too big for you to handle on your own. The company’s friendly and welcoming faces will always greet you at the door with a smile. Sweet’s Chem-Dry is a company that you can look forward to working with and feel confident recommending to your friends and family.

2.) Customer service

Sweets Chem-Dry is dedicated to quality customer service. A happy customer is their first priority. They put the health and well being of their clients first. They believe that your home is a sanctuary and they treat your home with the utmost care while they are there. They clean up after themselves and leave the place nicer than before they came. Sweets consultants are professional, knowledgable, quick to respond and always open to your questions. If you check their reviews online, you will see how committed they are to their community and the customers. 

3.) Safe for the kids and pets

The products that are used at Sweets Chem-Dry are all natural and non-toxic. This can be paramount to the health and safety of your family as well as your pets. You spare no expense for your children and pets with everything else in their life, so why should this be any different? Routine professional carpet cleaning will immensely reduce the germs and allergens in your home while maintaining a healthier environment for your family and your pets.

4.) Variety of products and services

Sweets Chem-Dry offers a ton a valuable products and services for all of your professional carpet and upholstery cleaning needs. Whether you need professional cleaning for your home or for your office, they can help. From pet stain and odor removal to area rug and auto interior cleaning, Sweet’s can take care of it for you. They also have great products to help with your carpet and upholstery cleaning. They have products that clean, seal, freshen as well as protect. These products are great to use in between your routine professional cleanings. Most importantly, all of the products they use are non-toxic and safe for your family and pets.

5.) Satisfaction guaranteed

Sweets Chem-Dry Satisfaction guarantee promises to be gentle on your carpets and furniture by using products and techniques that are tested and safe. They provide highly trained and certified professionals to deliver exceptional service to their customers at an affordable value. Check out their testimonials and you will see that this is a company you can trust because they take pride in their work, are affordable, and offer an unbeatable satisfaction guarantee.

If you are in the greater Portland area or surrounding cities, call Sweets Chem-Dry today to see how they can best serve you and your professional carpet cleaning and upholstery needs. 

Carpet Cleaning Companies should Utilize Carbonated Extraction, the Most Advanced and Effective Method of Cleaning Your Carpet.

carpet cleaningYour home is never going to be one hundred percent clean, and this is not your fault.  Even if you are incredibly vigilant about cleaning up every mess, and you manage to maintain a rigorous weekly or daily cleaning regimen, there are some surfaces and materials that are bound to collect some dirt, grime, and mold.  For this reason, it is necessary for some of these materials to be cleaned by professionals, on a regular basis.  Carpeted floors are one obvious example, since it is recommended that you have them cleaned, every year.  While some do not keep up with this, if it has been more than a couple of years, since your carpet’s last cleaning, it is a good idea to schedule one.  Furthermore, it is important to hire a carpet cleaning company, like All-Brite Chem Dry, available at, as they use carbonated extraction, the most advanced and effective means of deep cleaning your carpet.

The biggest alternative to carbonated extraction is steam cleaning, which is far less effective, and it is not good for the environment.  There is a long list of reasons why carbonated extraction is better than steam cleaning.  At the top of it should be the fact that it is legitimately better at eliminating dirt and grime that is situated deep within your carpet, not to mention the fact that it is better at actually killing bacteria and stopping the growth of mold than steam cleaning.  Carbonated extraction is better for the environment, insofar as it does not necessitate rinsing harmful soapy residues into the environment, and it is safer for pets and children because it does not leave these resides behind in your carpet, which steam cleaning can.  If all of this was not enough, there are still other practical ways in which carbonated extraction is clearly superior.  For instance, with steam cleaning, your carpet stays wet for so long, that you must actually spend the night of your carpet cleaning, outside your home.  With carbonated extraction, though, your carpet is somewhat damp, but it is dry enough to walk on, in only a few hours eliminating the need to spend the night in a hotel.  In short, the carpet cleaners you hire should be using the latest carbonated extraction techniques.

All Brite Chem Dry is not only a carpet cleaner, though, as it provides other cleaning services, such stain removal, upholstery cleaning, and rug cleaning.  In fact, for many of these materials, carbonated extraction is still an option.  They have special attachments and devices, so that the carbonated extraction technique can be used on upholstered surfaces, and even area rugs.  Because it uses so much less water and is so gentle, on even very delicate surfaces, carbonated extraction offers alternatives to more invasive cleaning procedures, which often use harsher, more toxic, chemicals.  When it comes to rug cleaning and upholstery cleaning, you do not necessarily need to schedule a yearly cleaning, but it may be a good idea, nonetheless. as both surfaces can get a lot of traffic.

Carpet Cleaning: Chem-dry vs. Steam cleaning

Nothing beats coming home to a clean house. It is scientifically proven that when your personal space is in order, there is more room in your brain for other, more pressing thoughts, like how you will celebrate when the Orioles win the world series, or is Harrison going to come back to Scandal, because he was super dreamy. I have a working theory that (spoiler alert) he faked his own death to get Olivia Pope to come out of hiding… But I digress.

It’s not enough to dust and vacuum on a regular basis, sometimes those carpets need the same deep-cleaning attention you give the edges of your bathtub that perpetually seem to change color. You really gotta get in there – and when that time comes, you are faced with the decision of going with the traditional steam clean, or trying out a new technology called Chem-DryHere I will cover the differences between the two and why I believe the chem-dry process will make steam cleaning a thing of the past, like Private Practice or Greek yogurt.

Chem-dry is a green-certified, carbonated cleaning substance that uses a fraction of the moisture of traditional steam cleaning methods. The water reduction point, in and of itself, is reason to use Chem-dry over steaming for a few reasons. First, Chem-dry will dry in 1-2 HOURS as opposed to 1-2 days, so no more tip-toeing around in wet socks, or telling the kids the carpet is hot lava and you will personally melt their feet off if they don’t stay off of it for the better part of 48-hours. Your carpets could be clean and dry before they even get home from school! Second, any water conservation is good water conservation. Third, we’ve established that steam treatments leave your carpet wet for significantly longer and wet carpets are a breeding ground for mold. You could potentially create a catastrophic problem for yourself when all you wanted was to get rid of the pet smell. Lastly, the soapy residue left behind from a steam process actually attracts dirt, making your carpets dirtier, faster. No, thanks.

The millions of microscopic bubbles in the carbonation break loose and lift up more dirt from deep within your carpet fibers and the high powered vacuum sucks it all up. The solution used is non-toxic and has received a Green Certification so it is safe for your kids and pets, not to mention it is an overall healthier option. Who knew being ‘healthy’ went beyond green smoothies and yoga?

Chem-Dry of Baltimore is a perfect, affordable option for carpet cleaning in your home. They regularly have coupons and cleaning specials to get you the most bang for your valuable buck. They are also excellent upholstery cleaners and pet stain cleaners. Their specialized Pet Urine Removal Treatment (P.U.R.T.) can save even your most damaged places from that lingering smell. What many people don’t know is that even after you have applied a cleaning product and dabbed up the mess, pet urine actually sinks into the carpet backing, padding and sub-floors of your home. The P.U.R.T. will determine the severity of the saturation and, if needed, Chem-Dry personnel will pull back the carpet and even replace the pad if needed, to ensure that they tackle every bit of smelly animal business. Chem-dry comes highly recommended as the right choice in carpet cleaning for you and your family.

Rug Cleaning Can Make Your Home Look Like-New

When looking for your new home, you will end up seeing a lot of homes in various conditions. Some will be well maintained, clean, and show very well. Others will have current tenants who try their best to keep the place clean but it is clear the home is being lived in and needs some cleaning before moving into it. Some homes are at a point where various things need to be repaired, replaced, or upgraded, but sellers are discounting the price for buyers to pick out those renovations themselves. For example, no one selling their home is going to install brand new granite counter tops to replace dingy linoleum ones. Instead, they’ll offer a small reduction in price so that the new owner can pick out the granite that they want for the home.

This means that many homes will not be shown in the best possible light, which can make it difficult for you as a buyer to figure out how to select the right home for you. Here are a few things you might see in homes as you are looking that if you can look past them you might end up in the perfect home for you with just a few minor changes necessary.

  • Bad paint jobs: This is a relatively easy fix, but it is also hard to get over, because a bad paint job can completely skew the look of a home. Bright colors, colors that are too dark, or otherwise poorly accent a room or a home overall can make it look smaller or dingier than it actually is. Think about it when you are looking at rooms. Bring a tape measure, and try to envision different colors in the rooms you are looking at. You might find that a lighter color can really open up what appears to be a small and dark room that is just painted poorly.
  • Bad carpeting: carpet cleanerThis is a more expensive fix typically, but it also depends on the condition of the carpet in the home. It might simply be dingy and need carpet cleaning. Maybe the family has pets and kids who have worn it down and stained it, but a good carpet cleaning service can typically get those spots out and freshen it up if it is in good condition. This can also completely change the look of a room, so try to envision what good carpet cleaning might do for a home you are looking at but are having doubts about because you do not like the carpeting or other flooring.
  • Minor repairs or breaks: Overhead lighting that has a burnt out bulb, or a broken garage door opener can add up if there are enough small things to bother a person. However, if the house inspection comes back in good structural condition, with no major roofing, window, foundation, or other structural problems, these minor repairs are probably just indicators of a busy homeowner who maintained the important things in the home but did not always keep up with some of the smaller items.