Rug Cleaning Can Make Your Home Look Like-New

When looking for your new home, you will end up seeing a lot of homes in various conditions. Some will be well maintained, clean, and show very well. Others will have current tenants who try their best to keep the place clean but it is clear the home is being lived in and needs some cleaning before moving into it. Some homes are at a point where various things need to be repaired, replaced, or upgraded, but sellers are discounting the price for buyers to pick out those renovations themselves. For example, no one selling their home is going to install brand new granite counter tops to replace dingy linoleum ones. Instead, they’ll offer a small reduction in price so that the new owner can pick out the granite that they want for the home.

This means that many homes will not be shown in the best possible light, which can make it difficult for you as a buyer to figure out how to select the right home for you. Here are a few things you might see in homes as you are looking that if you can look past them you might end up in the perfect home for you with just a few minor changes necessary.

  • Bad paint jobs: This is a relatively easy fix, but it is also hard to get over, because a bad paint job can completely skew the look of a home. Bright colors, colors that are too dark, or otherwise poorly accent a room or a home overall can make it look smaller or dingier than it actually is. Think about it when you are looking at rooms. Bring a tape measure, and try to envision different colors in the rooms you are looking at. You might find that a lighter color can really open up what appears to be a small and dark room that is just painted poorly.
  • Bad carpeting: carpet cleanerThis is a more expensive fix typically, but it also depends on the condition of the carpet in the home. It might simply be dingy and need carpet cleaning. Maybe the family has pets and kids who have worn it down and stained it, but a good carpet cleaning service can typically get those spots out and freshen it up if it is in good condition. This can also completely change the look of a room, so try to envision what good carpet cleaning might do for a home you are looking at but are having doubts about because you do not like the carpeting or other flooring.
  • Minor repairs or breaks: Overhead lighting that has a burnt out bulb, or a broken garage door opener can add up if there are enough small things to bother a person. However, if the house inspection comes back in good structural condition, with no major roofing, window, foundation, or other structural problems, these minor repairs are probably just indicators of a busy homeowner who maintained the important things in the home but did not always keep up with some of the smaller items.