1. Remove as much as the satin material as possible. If the substance which has stained your carpet or rug is liquid then you will want to press some paper towels over the wet area and try to soak up the liquid. Repeat the process as many times as needed until the paper towel stops getting wet. If you have stained your carpet with something like pasta, first remove all the pieces of food that might be in the carpets shag and then try and soak up the liquid portion of the material with a paper towel. If possible, leave a damp rag over the stained area to prevent it from drying while you prepare for the following steps of carpet stain removal.
  2. Call a carpet cleaning professional. If the stain is serious, you will need the assistance of a carpet stain removal team as soon as you can get one. If the stain is still fresh, don’t wait until time passes, call a pro right away. You can go to and find the number you are looking for. You will still need to try and treat the stain on your own while you wait for the pros to arrive, but getting someone in route as soon as possible is an essential step. Many times, carpet cleanings pros say that the stain could have been treated and removed if only they had been called sooner. When it comes to carpet stains, every hour counts.
  3. Step three is to start treating the specific substance that had stained your carpet. This step will change drastically from one kind of a stain to another. If you have internet access, try and search for the best treatment for the item which has stained your carpet. For the prevention of future stains, you should also consider purchasing a stain removal guide book from your local book store. These books are filled with secrets for stain removal of every different kind of food and liquids and they give tips not only for carpet stain removals but also for removal of stains from cloths and upholstery. A typical method used for stain removal of wine, tomato sauce and grass stains is to rub the carpet down with large grain salt. After the stained area has been coated in salt, you let the salt stand for 15 minutes then you wash out the salt with club soda. Once the carpet dries, if there is any stain remaining you can repeat the process again. Since club soda and salt are very easy on fabric, you don’t have to worry about causing discoloration. Be careful if you have some very fragile carpet materials, such as alpaca or other animal furs, because these kinds of carpet should not be treated with any products that a carpet cleaning professional did not recommend to you specifically. Now that you have tried to isolate and treat the stain as best as you could, just sit back and wait for the commercial cleaning team to arrive. Make sure to tell them before they begin; what products you may have already used on the floor.

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