Upholstery and carpet stain removal is done the correct way with chem-dry

Professional rug, carpet, and upholstery cleaning can only be done the right way using the power of carbonation.  You have probably heard of Chem-dry but you might not understand exactly how it works or why it is any better than other methods of cleaning and stain removal.  Well, Chem-dry is very different from other cleaning methods, and below you can read about how.

Chem-dry quite literally uses the power of carbonation to remove stains.  This is much like the way that club soda removes a stain from a shirt.  The carbonation lifts away dirt and stain residues from the fabrics that they cling to so that they can be rinsed away.  Countless tiny effervescent cleaning bubbles work to detach stain particles from the fibers in your carpet, rug, or upholstery.  These bubbling solutions penetrate deep into carpets and fabrics to get every last stain particle removed.  At a microscopic level, the bubbles literally explode the dirt and soil from carpet fibers so that they are free to be rinsed or sucked away.  By using carbonation, Chem-dry can guarantee that no harsh or toxic chemicals will be deposited into your carpet in return.  The bubbles remove the dirt, and hot water is rinsed over the stains to remove the loose particles permanently.  The hot water extraction method is only needed at the end of treatment, and this means that the upholstery cleaningChem-dry method uses far less water than other methods.  Steam cleaning can take gallons upon gallons of fresh water to get the job done, which is pretty wasteful.  There is just one final rinse involved with a Chem-dry cleaning.  In addition to being better for our environment, this method allows your carpets to dry faster and do so without the chemical smell commonly associated with carpet cleanings.  An added bonus of using The Natural, or, the cleaning solution specific to Chem-dry cleaning, is that is will actually keep your fabrics cleaner longer.

One you decide to give Chem-dry cleaning a try, it is not likely that you will go back to your former methods.  Chem-dry is safe, reliable, more environmentally friendly, and quicker to dry.  What some people do is just schedule an annual cleaning of all fabrics or floors in their home so that any one stain does not have too much time to get comfortable.  When you keep up with annual cleanings you can truly keep your fabrics looking brand new all year long.  If something does happen, however, because it often does when you have kids and pets, you can ask for spot cleaning any time.  It seems like sometimes no matter how careful you are near your prized fabrics, some awful color of grape juice or pizza sauce will get spilled and you will have to make the call.

Chem-dry gets all of the attention for a good reason; it really is effective at cleaning and safe for your family.  So the next time you get a serious stain, don’t wait around looking for the best because Chem-dry will always be.

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